Multiple Literacy - Multimodality

Mutlimodality has become a fixture in our everyday lives, to such an extent that we often don't notice the subtleties of it anymore or how they can affect us, but they can have a profound affect on the communication process. Have you produced something combining different modes? Please share them with us! 

Vlogs, Blogs, and Videotape

Blogging, as an idea, has been around in one form or another since the foundation of the internet, but has continuously evolved over time. Nowadays, vlogging has become even more popular, whether in the form of longer videos on YouTube or shorter clips on TikTok or Instagram. Whatever the format they all have a message. We'd love for you to share yours with us.

Listen Up! - Audio, podcasts, songs, spoken word

Maybe you prefer to talk or sing rather than to write or make videos. If this is the case, then this is the place for you.


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Fact or Fiction - Short Stories and Essays

Do you enjoy writing? If you do, or even if you were obliged to write something but are happy with how it turned out, please share your writing with the rest of your academic community.

Celebrating Creativity

HKUST students are wonderfully creative and are given the opportunity to demonstrate this in a range of courses such as COMP1943 Creative Sound Design.

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Language No.3

Feeling limited by our seemingly English language bias? Never fear, you can share here!


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Scholarly Endeavours

Have you submitted an assignment that you are proud of and would like to share? This is your chance! It can be a submission of any kind - written, spoken, video, multimodal, or more.

Clubs and Societies

Want to tell us about your clubs or societies? Want to share what you do? Tell us more.

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Do you have an upcoming event you would like to tell us about? Or maybe one that has finished and you'd like to tell us how it went?

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