A Cantonese-learning app designed for the HKUST community





Unlock the mystery of Cantonese
and speak it with flair!

You’ll probably agree that studying or working in Hong Kong without being able to speak Cantonese can be quite limiting. Here we are, telling you that CanTalk can help.

CanTalk is a Cantonese-learning App produced by the Cantonese teachers of the Center for Language Education, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, for the HKUST community. CanTalk enables students, staff, their family members and friends to get a taste of the local language and culture, helping you to settle into your work or study environment.

CanTalk helps you to acquire the practical vocabulary and expressions needed for daily interactions with Cantonese speakers on and off campus. It is for learners with little or no prior Cantonese knowledge who wish to use Cantonese to do things.

Features of CanTalk 

  •  Adopts a communicative and thematic approach
  •  4 Units: Making Friends, On the Move, Pigging Out, Partaking in the Fun
  •  Extras: Sound System, Grammar Cards, Culture Cards, Glossary
  •  Designed on a Need-to-Know basis for beginners
  •  Real-life characters in real-life scenarios
  •  Engaging, interactive tasks

Easy Way to learn

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0 or above
  • iOS 12.4 or above
  • Headphone

Join CanTalk for the full Hong Kong experience!


  1 Download CanTalk app from App Store or Play Store and install.

  2 For HKUST students or staff, choose Login and click CAS LOGIN, then log in with your ITSC account.

  3 For other users, first choose Register and enter a valid email address and username, then click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT. A welcome message with further instructions will be sent to your email address. Follow the instructions to complete the registration, then choose Login and click NON CAS LOGIN, then log in with your username and password.

  4 Materials will be downloaded at the beginning of each lesson, and store in your device. Stay online during downloading.




Project Leader

Martha Lam

Project Coordinator

Pancy Pang

Materials Contributors

Crystal Chan
Monica Jim
Hoi Ming Lee


Keith Tong


Sze Long Po


Bronson So
Michael Cho
Mandy Tsang
Felix Li

Student Helpers

Amanda Chen
Mandy Ho
Victoria Lam
Maggie Lee
Karen Leung
Joni Tang
Chapman Wong
Gordon Yeung
Natalie Chan
Edith Leung